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Zootopia Invasion, Chapter 1, First Blood
The cold, silent depths of space were broken as an eerie green portal opened out of nowhere.  From the portal emerged a great warship, wedge shaped and several miles long, followed by several smaller ships.  The fleet of Dinosaurian Imperial ships proudly soared towards its target, an inhabited planet similar to Earth.  Marking the ships were different symbols, some displayed a gruesome, grinning Velociraptor skull with the eyes crossed out.  Some showed a pterosaur resting atop a planet.  They all had one symbol in common though, the Tyranosaurus skull over a ringed planet background, the symbol of the Dinosaurian Imperial Army, or D.I.A.  The largest ship, the carrier Iron Talon led the fleet.  At the helm of the warship General Verallus prepared to make his move.  Verallus was a Suchomimus, a great Spinosaur, forty feet from the end of his tail to his pointed snout, lined with wicked teeth.  He wore the cap and black cape of a General, ea
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Some gave a lot, and some gave all.:salute::flagus: wavy revision 


Calvin Hunter Croteau
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United States
born January 17, 1995, in Georgia


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